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Autism Homecare Services

Autism Homecare Services:

Typically diagnosed in childhood, Autism is a brain disorder that will generally require a lifetime of specialised care. People with autism can have difficulties communicating, forming relationships with others, and at times, find it hard to make sense of the world around them.

That said, those with Autism can live fulfilling, productive lives, especially if they have homecare that is tailored towards their unique personality. Which is exactly what we provide.

Our mission is to make a real difference in the lives of the autism patients we support. We do this by always listening and learning, so we can achieve your (and your family’s) goals. Our professional support workers are fully trained in Autism spectrum disorder. But further, our services are then tailored to each individual according to their needs and wishes. Our professional assessors take into account a person’s unique skills, abilities, needs, wants, dreams and goals, as well as their individual communication, behavioral, sensory, and health needs. This creates an Individualised care plan that is truly effective for the individual.

  • The person with autism should be involved if their own care as much as possible (e.g.: making as much choice as they are able.)
  • Communication and a collaborative partnership between the service providers, the person with autism and their family / support system is essential.
  • Informed choices about care are made only after clear, accurate information is assessed.
  • Every person has capabilities and is entitled to contribute in any way possible to their own care.
  • Autism affects people in very different ways- some people will need minimal support in some areas, whilst others will need intensive support in some (or most) areas.

Individualised care has a wealth of experience in dealing with Autism. To find out more about how we can help, please contact our dedicated Care Team on 0208 004 7389, or email


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